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Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic screen protectors in 2023

Jul 17, 2023

Shield your beautiful Galaxy Watch 6 Classic from scratches and cracks

The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is Samsung's latest attempt at delivering a smartwatch that looks and feels like a traditional watch. It has the best of Samsung's smartwatch technology, including a new processor and a larger display. And while the company uses sapphire crystal to add some durability to that beautiful Super AMOLED panel, it isn't infallible. So it makes sense to slap a screen protector to add another layer of protection to the display. And while we are on protection, you may want to look at our Watch 6 Classic case recommendations to make the smartwatch even more durable.

Here are our top picks for the best Galaxy Watch 6 Classic screen protectors.

SuperShieldz is no stranger to screen protectors, and like the company's other offerings, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic screen protector is high quality and doesn't break the bank. It's a tempered glass protector with 9H hardness for top-notch scratch resistance and protection from other blemishes. You also get excellent clarity and touch response even after applying the SuperShieldz screen protector.

Souman may not be a recognizable brand name, but the company offers several excellent screen protectors on the cheap. So if you don't want to spend much on the Watch 6 Classic screen protector purchase, it's worth looking at the company's offering. It's your typical tempered glass protector with 9H hardness and various coatings to ensure the glass doesn't become a smudged mess. You also get four screen protectors in each pack.

As the name suggests, Ringke Glass is a tempered glass screen protector. It offers a perfect fit and is compatible with Galaxy Watch 6 Classic cases if you plan to use one. In other features, the company has included an oleophobic coating to repel fingerprint smudges and keep the screen looking clean. Lastly, you get four screen protectors in each pack, giving you plenty of spares for the future.

Although the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic gets plenty bright to deal with glare and direct sunlight, you can apply Skinomi's MatteSkin screen protector for more help. Made from TPU material, it doesn't offer the scratch resistance of a glass protector, but it will still safeguard the smartwatch display from scuff marks and minor blemishes. Furthermore, it has self-healing properties to recover from minor scratches over time.

If you don't like TPU or glass protectors, this PET film from iLLumiShield will interest you. It features multiple layers to not only protect the screen from bumps, impacts, and scratches but also to maintain visual clarity. Additionally, unlike many TPU protectors, it doesn't employ a wet install, so you won't have to worry about that. But if you also struggle with dry installs, you'll be happy to know there are six films in each pack.

Like Skinomi MatteSkin, the DeltaShield Screen Protector is a TPU film. But it doesn't have anti-glare properties like the Skinomi offering. Instead, you get a regular transparent film with self-healing properties. It will deliver decent protection from minor bumps and bruises, including scratches. It will also recover from minor dents and scratches over time. Lastly, you get edge-to-edge coverage, plus it uses the wet install for bubble-free application.

SuperShieldz is known for producing some of the most affordable and high-quality screen protectors, and the company's 47mm Galaxy Watch 6 Classic offering is no exception. It delivers superior protection from everyday blemishes and keeps the display looking new. Like many of our other recommendations, it has a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating. It also features 2.5D rounded edges for comfort.

The Ringke Glass screen protector for the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic has 9H hardness to protect against scratches and other blemishes. This glass screen protector also offers excellent clarity and will not interfere with the functioning of the smartwatch. In other highlights, the Ringke Glass is case-friendly and has an oleophobic coating. Finally, the company includes everything in the pack for a seamless screen protector installation.

Although SPGuard's Glass Protector for the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic isn't much different from our other recommendations, the company includes an alignment tool to aid in the installation, which you won't find on many other options. Additionally, the screen protectors offer a perfect fit and don't impact the display's clarity or touch response. Moreover, the company ships four protectors in each pack.

IQShield Matte Screen Protector has everything you want in a good quality TPU-based screen guard. It has self-healing and offers a precise fit. Additionally, as it uses a wet install, you can adjust it during the application process to remove bubbles and fix misalignment. That said, not everyone is comfortable with the wet install, and you may need more than one try to get things right. This is why it's a good thing that IQShield offers six protectors in one pack.

This glass protector from Orzero is another excellent option for your 47mm Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. It features a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating to resist fingerprint and water smudges. Other features include 9H hardness for superior scratch resistance and excellent clarity. Unfortunately, the company doesn't include any tool to aid in the installation, but at least you get three screen protectors in each pack. So in case of an installation mishap, you will have spares to try again.

This self-healing TPU film from iLLumi uses a wet install to avoid bubbles and peeling edges. So if you have tried wet install in the past, it would undoubtedly be a good option for your smartwatch. The TPU film alongside the sapphire crystal will keep the display free from scratches and other blemishes. Moreover, iLLumi includes six screen protectors in each $10 pack, making it an excellent value for money.

As it's still early in the life of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, the selection of screen protectors is slim. But we were able to find several solid options, including the SuperShieldz Screen Protector, our top pick for both the 43mm and the 47mm versions of the smartwatch. It's easy to install and offers protection from dents, scrapes, and scratches without hampering the watch's functionality.

But if you are willing to spend a bit more, Ringke also offers a case-friendly glass protector for both versions. Plus, you get four screen protectors in each Ringke Glass pack.

For people who don't like glass protectors and prefer TPU films, Suoman and SPGuard offer four TPU screen protectors in $9 packs for the 43mm and 47mm Galaxy Watch 6 Classic variants, respectively. Both offerings also have self-healing properties. And, of course, don't forget to grab a more stylish and comfortable Galaxy Watch 6 Classic band to go with it when the default strap just doesn't cut it.

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