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Cows Seen Being Transported In Back Of Lorry Along PIE, Netizens Question Safety

Feb 04, 2024

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The adult cow and calf were only shielded from the elements with a blue tarp.

By Valerie Yuam - 31 Aug 2023, 12:42 pm

Transporting humans in the back of lorries has long been an issue in Singapore. The lack of safety features all in the name of cost-cutting poses a risk to the lives of those on board.

Now, the conversation has shifted to a different kind of passenger — cows.

Recently, a motorcyclist in Singapore spotted two cows riding in the back of a lorry driving along the Pan Island Expressway (PIE).

When footage of the bizarre scene surfaced on social media, some questioned the safety of the mode of transport while others saw the humour in it.

The motorcyclist anonymously submitted a video of the cows to the SGRV ADMIN Facebook page recently.

The clip showed a black-and-white cow in the back of the lorry. There also appeared to be a smaller calf on board, partially blocked from view by the older creature.

Source: SGRV ADMIN on Facebook

A blue tarp was the only protection shielding the creatures from the elements as the lorry sped along the highway.

According to the captions, the incident happened on Sunday (27 Aug), along the PIE near Eng Neo Avenue towards Changi.

“I was on my bike with my wife when I chanced upon a pick up truck driven by an Indian guy transporting dangerously a mother cow and with her calf,” wrote the contributor.

Source: SGRV ADMIN on Facebook

They then expressed concern that the lack of a proper safety grill for the cows may pose a danger to other road users.

Should the animals fall off the vehicle, not only will they get hurt, they could risk an accident occurring if other vehicles fail to avoid them.

Facebook users who encountered the video seemed to have mixed feelings about this.

Some, like this user, claimed that other countries are able to transport livestock safely, but not in Singapore. They added that this safety lapse endangers others too.

Source: Facebook

Another commented that if companies can transport human workers on the backs of their lorries, they likely would not think twice about transporting animals.

Source: Facebook

One commenter highlighted that the cows were probably on their way to bless a new home according to Indian tradition. But, they also said that the relevant authorities should look into whether this is safe for the roads.

Source: Facebook

Speculations aside, there were those who saw the humour in this situation. This one user jokingly quipped that this might be a new form of fresh milk delivery.

Source: Facebook

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Featured image adapted from SGRV ADMIN on Facebook.

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