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Discover the Beauty and Performance of TimberTech® Advanced PVC as Cladding

Jun 20, 2023

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In the world of design and architecture, a remarkable transformation is taking place. Decking-as-cladding has surged in popularity, offering a sleek and modern aesthetic that effortlessly combines the allure of exotic hardwoods with the ease of maintenance-free living. At the forefront of this trend is TimberTech Advanced PVC Cladding, presenting the ultimate fusion of style and functionality that’s impossible to ignore.

Unveiling the Features & Benefits

Embrace the World of Decking-as-Cladding

Decking-as-cladding has created a revolution that resonates deeply with architects and homeowners alike. The contemporary appeal, coupled with the exotic essence of tropical woods, captures attention while eliminating maintenance worries. As purveyors of this innovative concept, dealers hold the key to unlocking its potential. Here’s your guide to navigating this exciting realm.

Your Partners on this Journey

Remember, you’re not alone on this exciting voyage. Lean on the expertise of both Weyerhaeuser Distribution and TimberTech representatives. We stand beside you, our dealer community, ready to furnish product insights, design and installation assistance, and more. Seize this moment to redefine the exterior cladding landscape. Embrace TimberTech Cladding and shape a world where beauty meets performance effortlessly. Contact your Weyerhaeuser representative today to learn more about the portfolio available in your market – and embark on a journey that transforms vision into reality.