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MSI's New Mousepad Has a Custom ”Gleam Cloth” Material

Jul 09, 2023

This should work better (and look cooler) than your average mousepad.

There are parts of our PC we often overlook. Sure, you may have a powerful PC and equally eye-catching peripherals, but other accessories are often an afterthought. They don't necessarily have to be, though. A good mousepad can be just as important as the mouse you're putting on top of it. And if you happen to be in the market for a mousepad, MSI just released a really good one that wants to be the last one you'll ever need.

MSI just released a pair of new mousepads, including the AGILITY GD72 GLEAM EDITION and the AGILITY GD22 GLEAM EDITION. The only thing that really differs between them is that the GD72 is a full-desk mousepad that's intended to cover your whole desk — you can put your mouse and your keyboard on top — while the GD22 is a notably smaller one that's intended to cover the portion of your desk where you would put your mouse. As for the precise sizes, the AGILITY GD72 is 900 x 400 x 3 mm, while the AGILITY GD22 is 320 x 220 x 3mm — definitely measure up and see whether it fits on your desk before buying.

The most notable selling point MSI is advertising here is what the company calls the MSI Gleam Cloth, which is what both mousepads use for the primary material. It looks cool, it's made of eco-friendly TPU, and it's reinforced with glass beads. The result is a splash-proof, smooth, and not sticky surface that's sure to give you an edge in your games. Of course, it's not clear how much of a difference would this make in real life. It also has a fast-cooling surface and is seemingly 150% more durable than regular fabric mouse pads. And it has a really cool, gamer-y design that will really compliment your peripherals.

If this sounds like your next mousepad, you'll have to keep an eye at your retailer of choice — MSI is not giving out pricing or availability info as of now, but it will likely become available for purchase sometime within the next few months.

Source: MSI

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