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Top 10 reasons to choose a 10x10 custom canopy for commercial and non

Aug 17, 2023

Mary Sullivan

With so many different options to choose from, tent users often wonder which tent size is ideal for them. Statistics suggest that the 10x10 canopy is by far the most popular size preferred by the great majority of users. In this piece we explore the reasons for its immense popularity and why you should choose one for your next outdoor event.

The outdoors always beckons us with the promise of adventure and fun. From recreational activities like camping and motorsports to gala events like fundraisers, weddings and tradeshows, everything becomes more engaging and fun under the open sky. But you need some form of protection from the elements out in the open, and hence the need of canopy tents.

By shading users from blistering sunlight or stopping rain and chilly drafts, tents keep us protected from the not-so-benevolent aspects of nature thanks to the materials used to manufacture them. The PVC or polyester that goes into manufacturing the bulk of the custom canopy tents available in the market is inherently waterproof, UV-resistant and insulating.

The same materials that make modern tents so effective against UV radiation, rain or cold drafts, also make these accessories user friendly. 10x10 canopies, inflatable tents, event marquees – they come in all sorts of iterations. But one thing is common to all these accessories – they are lightweight and super easy to transport. You can take your tent to any venue, pitch it and take it down, all by yourself. Tent frames are normally made of aluminium or steel, both materials being durable and easy to work with.

Outdoor events like tradeshows, farmers’ markets and motor sports see a lot of participation from brands and visitors alike. Venues are mostly choc-a-bloc full and there’s little space left for large event tents. It is in such scenarios that the 10x10 custom canopy tent really shines. The 10’x10’ size fits into small spaces in crowded venues and accommodates quite a few people in the canopy’s shade. So, entertaining a sizeable number of visitors doesn’t pose a problem for a brand.

If you are lucky enough to have been allotted a large space to build your brand pavilion in an outdoor event, you can do a lot using multiple 10x10 tents. And you don’t have to invest in a large event tent all of a sudden. By arranging a number of small tents in suitable configurations, you can work wonders. It helps to create separate zones for visitors inside a brand pavilion. Potential customers can have a proper taste of the products and services on offer through an all-round exposition. Coupled with accessories like sidewalls and light fixtures, brand pavilions made out of 10x10 canopy tents come alive to create a unique brand experience for guests.

Did we tell you that you can have your 10x10 canopy tailor made to suit your taste and requirements? Yes, that’s exactly what you can do! You can literally turn your tent into a personalised fashion statement or make it work as a marketing tool. That’s over and above its basic function as a shade solution. Such an accessory is a bona fide eyeball-grabber, not least in outdoor events, and can help boost sales for brands.

A 10x10 canopy tent can help you trump competition in a big way. For instance, restaurants can expand their seating capacity and create cool outdoor dining setups with the help of tents. Brand owners can hog all the limelight they want in tradeshows and exhibitions with the help of their brand pavilions designed out of 10x10 tents. In fact, there’s barely an outdoor event that doesn’t feature one of these accessories.

Here’s a few tips to customise your tent for the next outdoor event.

Brands participate in tradeshows with the sole objective of getting closer to their customers and expanding their market by bringing in new ones. Customer engagement becomes so much more fun and effective in the shade of a properly designed brand pavilion. Accessories like sidewalls and light fixtures can add to the effectiveness of branded pop up tents and lend an indoor vibe to brand stands.

One of the best things that can happen to your business is the steady formation of a dedicated fan-base. And this can happen only if your customers are happy with your products and services, so much so that they will simply not consider other brands. To achieve this, you need to create a positive brand experience for your customers by maintaining a consistent level of service.

To add to the charm of your brand, you need to employ strategies that centre around purposeful accessories. For instance, a retail chain can employ custom tents to create separate experience zones for their customers, where people can try out products for free. This can not only translate to increased business but also into brand loyalty among customers.

Bonfire nights are celebrated all over the world in different seasons of the year. But what is common to all these festivities is the crowd. These events tend to attract a lot of attention and brands can do well by making their presence felt in bonfire nights with their brand pavilions. From refreshment stalls to fun-zones for kids, there are plenty of different ideas to explore for visitor engagement, all in the shade of custom canopy tents.

Invite your friends to a barbeque, start a poolside party, or get together with family members for some fun activities in the backyard, all in the shade of your tent.

Your tent is an asset. Treat it well and it will last you a lifetime.

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