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How to clean your silicone, TPU, plastic, and leather cases

Jun 21, 2023

Clean your smartphone case with these simple steps!

While protective cases do the important job of keeping our devices safe, be it a fall to the ground or a bump into an object, they're also the first point of contact with phones for many. That means they're ground zero for germs, dirt, bacteria, and whatnot. And some brands have also realized that users care about avoiding such factors; hence, they're shipping protective accessories with anti-microbial properties.

But at the end of the day, a thorough cleaning will always be your best bet. Here we will go through the steps you should use to keep your smartphone case clean, regardless of its material, be it one made from simple silicone, a case fashioning a unique print, or a construction of premium materials like leather.

Any cleaning session you want to begin would only be worth its weight with the right tools. And to ensure your smartphone case remains clean, having the three items we've listed below is necessary according to us.

The microfiber towel you buy — or perhaps have around the house — will also be useful in giving your phone a good wipe, easily getting fingerprints off of it. And, if you own one of the best smartphones on the market, this is a product you should keep handy!

These items can also help keep your laptop clean! But only use water and a microfiber towel if you own a MacBook, as the coating on its display doesn't play well with most cleaning solutions.

While the above products are good enough for most cleaning sessions, some grime or stains don't budge and might warrant stronger products like rubbing alcohol. So, if you plan on using it, here are some things to remember.

Once you're ready with the right tools, follow the steps below to clean your smartphone case:

In the case of a leather case, avoid using water, only applying the leather cleaning formula nicely with one part of the microfiber towel and wiping off the residue with single-motion and direction wipes using the dry side.

Ensure it's only a portion of the microfiber towel you wet, as the dry part will help finish the cleaning afterward.

While following the simple steps above will help you keep your smartphone case clean, we recommend doing it regularly, perhaps, once a week or at least once in two weeks.

We say this because leaving a case on longer might not only help bacteria fester but also damage your smartphone's metal frame, as dirt often collects in the tiny gaps and rubs against the device, leaving indents and scratches that can hurt resale value.

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