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iKamper Expands Rooftop Tent Line to Boost Customizability

Sep 06, 2023

Get more for less, and bolster overlanding success.



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Popular off-road gear outfitter iKamper has expanded its BDV series of rooftop tents and accessories, and not only are its setups more customizable, but they're available for a substantially lower price, too.

The Washington-based brand specializes in the wedge-shaped, pop-up type of rooftop tent, and has two particular models in its lineup that could be music to either the prospective outdoor adventurist or seasoned pro. The first is the BDV Solo—conveniently named for being a one-person unit—which retails for $2,599 fully assembled (or just $2,099 if you assemble it yourself), a $400 price drop from its previous generation.

Then, there's the aptly named BDV Duo, a two-person version commanding $2,799 fully assembled, or $2,299 un-assembled—a $700 discount over the previous generation. Shipping is a flat $199, which seems inexpensive due to rooftop tents generally being quite heavy—the Duo tips the scale at 175 lbs., the Solo at 150 lbs.

Over $2,000 is a mighty piece of change, but the quality is there, as the brand boasts that its rooftop tents are comprised of a tough aluminum floor, waterproof polyester 75D ripstop rainfly, 300gsm poly-cotton canvas tent fabric, and a scratch and UV-resistant FRP shell. All of this quickly folds down to just a seven-inch-tall slim profile. The Duo measures out to 89” x 55.25”, which is generally regarded as on the smaller side for a 1-2 person tent.

iKamper says that its simple ladder and wedge design system sports generous windows, is easy to deploy, as well as allows for the ladder on the driver’s side, passenger side, or from the rear, which makes juggling precious gear square footage just that little bit easier to balance out.

Not only that, but the outfitter also offers a handful of optional accessories, such as a roomy annex for changing and keeping out rain-soaked gear, several awning options, added windows, added insulation for trekking around in cold weather, a 140W solar panel to keep charging in check, and a support bracket for easy, secure rooftop tent mounting.

There's ample competition in the overlanding and outdoor adventure marketplace, and it seems like every company is working hard to one-up one another with solid rooftop tent options, with iKamper leading the latest salvo.

To make sense of all these new offerings hitting the market, however, your favorite friendly, review-cherishing writers here at The Drive will be getting our hands on various options in the coming months and will do our best to put them to the test. So stay tuned and let us know what you'd want to see from a roof top tent review, as well as iKamper's new kit in the comments below.