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Suffer from night sweats? Over 10,000 shoppers rate this clever cooling blanket

Jul 11, 2023

If you struggle with the dreaded night sweats, we've found the perfect solution.

This Elegear Cooling Blanket costs just £32.99 from Amazon and has tens of thousands of reviews raving about its ability to help shoppers sleep through heatwaves and hot flushes throughout the year.

We all know a good night's sleep is essential to your wellbeing but getting one is a lot harder than simply heading to bed - and this affordable piece of bedding could be the solution.

Here's why it deserves your attention.

Made from a cool technology fabric, it absorbs body heat to can reduce your skin temperature by two to five degrees, making it ideal for night sweats and hot sleepers.

The fabric is crafted from a mix of nylon and cool PE fabric on one side, and 100% cotton on the other, so aside from keeping you cool in the summer, it can also keep you extra warm in the winter. There's some colour variation, too; pink, green, blue, beige, grey and tie-dye grey.

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Lightweight, machine washable and available in single, king or queen sizes, it's easy to fold into a suitcase if you can't sleep without it - or pack it away in the winter if you don't need it then.

Best of all, it's currently on sale, reduced from £34.89 to £32.99.

It's a hit among Amazon shoppers with over 20,000 reviews - 82% of which are four and five-star reviews.

One customers said "I sleep better in the heat now" and added she wished she'd known about it sooner.

Another described it as "perfect" and a must for anyone that suffers from hot flushes, while others have said "it actually works!" and "soft and comfortable."

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