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The 15 Best Glamping Gear at Amazon

Aug 26, 2023

Prices start at $15.

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Although I’ve now camped on six continents, my earliest camping experiences include setting up a tent with my sister in our family’s living room and roasting marshmallows over the gas fireplace. And you know what? Those are still some of my favorite fireside memories. These indoor camp nights gave us all of the fun of camping, with none of the bugs — and there was a movie to fall asleep to from the confines of our well-insulated tent.

It’s not that I can’t hang in the wilderness — I’ve backpacked in and out of Germany’s mountainous Westerwaldkreis district, dug a snow hole for my sleeping bag while camping in Antarctica, and fearfully fell asleep alone to the sound of grunting hippos in the African bush — it’s just that I’ve since accepted that there is nothing wrong with investing in a little extra comfort here and there.

As I’ve been out exploring, I’ve realized sometimes creature comforts can come in the simplest of forms, like a really good cup of coffee in the morning, the coziness of hanging string lights, or listening to your favorite tunes on a sound system. These homey little touches go a long way at the campsite, and they don't have to be expensive if you're shopping at Amazon.

Eager to revamp your typical camping setup? These inexpensive camping accessories can make even the most rustic backcountry campsite feel like a five-star experience. Keep scrolling to shop the best camping gear to make your next trip more comfortable; prices start at $15.


Coffee isn’t exactly a luxury while camping, but really good coffee 100 percent is, and that’s what this sleek French press delivers. I’ve backpacked with instant packets and coffee singles with mild success, but I can remember every single sip from mornings spent outside my tent with my handy portable coffee press. If your camping brews need a barista-level makeover, campers assure that you're in good hands with the Aeropress Original Coffee Press, which has more than 16,000 five-star ratings and can be used for French press, classic pour-over coffee, or espresso.

One reviewer dubbed it "an ideal companion for camping, travel, or any on-the-go adventures" and shared that its "durable construction ensures it can withstand rugged environments, and its portability allows you to enjoy exceptional coffee wherever you are."


These slip-ons are essentially house shoes for the campground. They’re cushy, warm, and have thick soles to stand up against any tough terrain you’ve selected as your sleeping site. What's more, they're built with the brand's ThermoBall Eco insulation to keep your feet warm when temperatures drop, as well as durable rip-stop fabric so you can count on them for multiple camping seasons to come.

According to one camper, they offer "sublime comfort [that] I haven't felt in a shoe… They're definitely the best camp shoes: they have a warm, memory foam feeling, with a sole that's like tennis shoes. I have no problem walking around camps with sticks or rocky surfaces."


Sure, you could use the smoky, tin-rimmed pits that come with the campsite, but you’d have a way better fire experience if you B.Y.O. (bring your own) smokeless fire pit. Providing a more travel-friendly way to enjoy the camping trip staple, it's perfect for cooking around/on, and comes with genius smokeless technology that lets you enjoy hours around the flames without spending days smelling like a campfire. Amazon is home to some of the top-rated smokeless fire pits, including the East Oak Smokeless Fire Pit, which is starting at $190 thanks to an on-site coupon, and the Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 that is priced at $345.


Sleeping bags aren't for everyone, and if you're someone who needs a little extra cushioning, then the EnerPlex Queen Air Mattress deserves a spot on your pack list. Trust me, you're in for the best sleep you've ever had at the campsite thanks to its luxe firm-yet-cushy design, which is waterproof and rip-resistant. But, the greatest thing about it is that it comes with a built-in air pump so you don't have to worry about forgetting to pack it.

"I put a fitted sheet on the top and bottom and had the best sleep camping ever," a shopper wrote. "I didn’t need to add air until day three." They also noted that they were camping in "100-plus-degree Fahrenheit weather" and it was cold at night."

Nothing can compete with the glow of a wood burning campfire, but these rechargeable twinkle lights come pretty close. I personally like them in “firefly mode,” but there are five lighting modes to choose from — not including the hanging camp light base that the 32.8-foot string of lights rolls into. What's more, they're waterproof, long-lasting, and USB rechargeable.

"We camp frequently in the warmer months, so when we saw this new style of camping string lights on Amazon, we could immediately see the benefit," one reviewer explained. "We used these lights to dress up the interior of our tent and they definitely made it look and feel more warm and inviting."


Thinking about bringing movie night to the campsite? Then you need this mini iPhone projector, which I think is a pretty magical way to unwind after the sun sets. The petite gadget is compatible with many smartphones models (through an HDMI cable), and can even connect to an Amazon Fire Stick or Roku Stick for more T.V. show and movie options. Don't miss this chance to get it for a whopping 75 percent off thanks to a special double discount deal.

"I actually really liked it," one camper gushed. "I used it for camping trips and the carrying case was the cherry on-top of the whole experience. It's well-built and [displays] a very pretty picture."


Give your campsite an outdoor living room vibe with this reversible area rug that comes in 18 fun colors and patterns. The waterproof outdoor rug is durable enough to handle the elements — sticks and twigs included — but also offers a space to walk around barefoot safely. And, if you didn't bring enough camp chairs, it provides a comfy spot to chill out on while you're having dinner or hanging out around the campfire.

"This rug is great for camping," one Amazon customer exclaimed. "We really love how it kept some of the dirt out of the trailer."


My personal motto is that there are few things that a cozy blanket can’t fix, and this down version from Get Out Gear is the camping solution for those chilly nights and early mornings. Even if you just use it for extra padding on hard surfaces, you’ll be glad you have this water-resistant — and super-easy-to-pack — blanket on-hand. Choose between six earthy colors to add to your camping gear. One shopper said, "I camp roughly 100 days a year. In that time, I've used it on multiple backpacking and car camping trips and it has performed splendidly." They also added that they "slept warm all night" when camping in Grand Teton, Wyoming when it was 36 degrees Fahrenheit.

For a cheaper option, there's the KingCamp Packable Down Camping Blanket, which ranks in at $35 and is equally as durable, cozy, and camper-loved.


Bulky camping chairs are going to feel like a hassle after you see how easy this nylon bag is to inflate. You just scoop the air and boom, you have a comfy sofa for two that's ready to go. For peace of mind, it's made with a durable, rip-resistant fabric that easily repels dirt and moisture, so you can set it up wherever there's space on the campground without worrying about anything puncturing it.

"I bought this for my friend, who just had to have one," one reviewer admitted. "He used it for camping and slept on it all night. It folds up small and also withstood his weight…it also withstood being on the grass."


Campsite picnic tables aren’t exactly known for their cleanliness — or their non-splintered constructions. Spruce up the ratty old table at your favorite campground with this fitted tablecloth, which not only creates a clean place to sit and eat, but a pretty place to sit and eat as well. Choose between four prints to dress up your table.

"These covers were fantastic to bring on our camping trip," one camper was happy to report. "They're so easy to put on and take off."


This super-insulated Yeti model will immediately make your campsite cooler — or at least your drinks cooler. And, its striking colorways will add an elegant pop of color to the campsites. The Tundra Cooler can keep ice frozen for up to seven days, according to shoppers, and acts as an extra seat in a pinch. Bonus points: it’s on wheels, so you can roll it anywhere you need it. In their review, one camper wrote, "I had 30-plus pounds of ground beef on ice that stayed frozen — all except a layer on the top and sides — after six days. The handle makes it extremely easy to wheel around when heavy."

But, if you're looking for something a little more wallet-friendly, check out the Coleman 316 Series Insulated Portable Cooler, which boasts a similar leak-proof, well-insulated, and easy-to-roll design that's only $75 right now.


They say food tastes better outside, but a lesser-known fact is that wine tastes better in anything that’s not a paper cup, which have become the go-to beverage vessels for camping. This unbreakable wine “glass” looks and feels like glass, but is made from a thin-yet-durable plastic that won't chip, crack, or split and folds up into itself when not in use for optimal portability.

"This exceeded expectations in design, craftsmanship, and stability," one Amazon shopper said. "I had a winter picnic while cross-country skiing and the wine glasses did not tip over in the strong wind."


If you ask me, a cheese board is an extremely classy addition to any campground menu. And, this portable charcuterie board folds into itself for easy storage (whether you're packing it up for the campsite or putting it away in your kitchen at home), and its multi-layer design unfolds to provide maximum space for all of your fancy camp food so you can display it in the most refined manner.

"It's great for the beach, camping, picnics, etc.," according to one shopper. "It's compact and handy, and the storage is thus simple."


This yurt-style tent is surprisingly easy to assemble and gives off major glamping vibes despite being a very practical purchase. It sleeps up to five to 13 people depending on the size that you choose, and is sun-proof, waterproof, and flame-retardant, which means that you could even cook inside if you wanted to. And, it has a thick PVC groundsheet that keeps water, humidity, and cool air out, which came in handy for one camper on a trip that involved a thunderstorm: "During the storm, all other campers near us sheltered in their cars and had to dry out all their gear the next day. We stayed warm and dry. This yurt is very weather-tolerant."

If you're looking for a smaller price tag, opt for the S'more Canvas Family Camping Tent that's currently on sale for $370 thanks to a special on-site coupon. And, you can't go wrong with the durable, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing Coleman Sundome Camping Tent, which is starting at $52.


Currently available for an extra $30 off with the help of a special Amazon coupon, these outdoor speakers create the ultimate in ambiance at the campsite since they provide the soundtrack and the mood lighting. Even better? They're waterproof and you're able to sync multiple speakers together for a full surround sound experience under the stars. One set comes with two speakers and each one delivers up to 12 hours of play time on a full charge.

"They're very well-made," one shopper shared in their review. "They sound great. The lights are cool — they look like a real flame. There are three different light settings…They get pretty loud [despite] being small speakers. [It's] not a rock concert [level], but it's perfect for bedroom music or camping."

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